What to Wear at a Restaurant or Pub

Heading to a restaurant or pub can need very different wardrobe choices. A restaurant, traditionally, is a more formal environment where smarter clothing items would be necessitated, while a pub provides a more relaxed atmosphere with a much more lenient dress code. Continue reading this article for some advice on what you could wear on your next visit to a restaurant or pub.


When it comes to restaurants, you can typically expect that a more formal dress code will be in place as opposed to the more relaxed nature of a pub. Depending on the specific restaurant you’re attending, you can’t usually go wrong by choosing a lovely dress that’s appropriate for the season with some matching shoes and a clutch bag. For a man, consider wearing a smart button shirt with a tie and some black trousers, paired with a matching pair of shoes (black brogues, for instance). If the dress code is strictly formal, a suit jacket may be appropriate. For a more semi formal tone, forgoing the suit jacket is generally a good idea and possibly wearing a smart pair of ironed jeans as opposed to pressed trousers. For a strictly formal restaurant dress code, women may wish to consider a cocktail dress which can present an elegant and refined image and are often the fashion item go-to for any elegant evening.


If you’re paying a visit to a traditional British pub, you can feel confident that there’s unlikely to be any strict dress code in place, and you can comfortably wear just about anything you like. A pub provides customers with a relaxed atmosphere and is often a cosy place to have a good catch-up with some friends. For both men and women alike, sweaters can be a good wardrobe choice for a pub, especially during the colder months over the winter. Sweaters matched with a pair of jeans and some shoes can be a good pub look, being pretty gender neutral too. Along with sweaters, when visiting a pub, you should wear a nice coat that will keep you warm on your journey to and from the venue and bring a bag too, for you to keep your wallet or purse in, as well as other essentials.

When you’re visiting a restaurant or pub, whatever the occasion and dress code, it’s essential you consider your own comfort. Nobody wants to be spending hours on end in clothes that are uncomfortable! Choose outfits that match the tone of the venue you’re attending and any specified dress codes while also being comfortable to wear for long periods of time. For a formal setting, women should consider wearing outfits such as a cocktail dress while men should think about donning a suit. In a formal setting such as a restaurant, also remember to deploy the appropriate etiquette along with dressing suitably. For less formal venues such as pubs, sweaters and comfortable pairs of jeans can be an optimum look for both your own comfort while still looking presentable to those you’re going out with.

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