Oldest Pubs in the UK

The UK is known well for the pubs and there are some that have been around longer than people may know as pubs have long been known for their restaurants and pubs. Some of the oldest pubs in the UK include:

  • The Old Ferry boat Inn; this is actually known to be the oldest inn in England and based on the Inn’s history as well as local legend, alcohol has been on the menu since 560. Given this date is well before any photos and even many history books or records, it is hard to confirm whether or not this is true but there is also legend that the Inn is haunted.
  • Ye Olde Fighting cocks claims also to be the oldest pub in England. Its history dates back into the 8th century, as far back as around 793. There was a period where the pub was rebuilt in the 11th century, the reason for this remains unknown. It is rumoured that there used to be secret passageways that connected the nearby cathedral- a home at the time to monks- to the pub.
  • Yet another pub that claims the title of England’s oldest pub is The Porch House. This quaint pub is still open today and is located in Gloucestershire, England. This pub has some concrete evidence and ability to trace its history, as it underwent major renovations in the 1970’s and some of the timber in the structure dated and was estimated to be over 1000 years od, confirming its story of having opened in around 947. Since the renovations, the pub has maintained its original charm but boasts some more modern amenities for guests of the pub and the inn.
  • Today known as The Bingley Arms and formerly known as The Priests Inn, dates back as far as 905 (or is speculated to). It was historically a place for Monks to stay as it was on a main route between two major towns and areas.

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