Eating Out When on Holiday

One of the pleasures of being on holiday is eating out and freeing yourself from cooking and washing up! It can be interesting to try new food from a different culture and enjoy a warm, relaxing evening. If you have travelled to a foreign country, you will need to know if there are any rules or regulations while eating out. This is especially the case if you enjoy a cigarette after your meal, as this may not be permitted.

Can You Smoke After a Meal?

Here in the UK, smoking indoors in public areas is not permitted. Other countries have similar restrictions, but some have not yet introduced this law. Even if it is permissible, it’s not pleasant for those who are eating. As an alternative, you can use nordic spirit nicotine pouches, which satisfy your craving in a discreet way. They are easily concealed under your top lip and, as such, can be used indoors and out.

Dining Rules Around the World

There are undoubtedly some unusual rules when it comes to eating out abroad. For example, in Chile, everything has to be eaten with a knife and fork; you should not pick up any food with your hands, not even fruit! Whereas, in Sri Lanka, you should eat only with your right hand, no cutlery. In Italy, you should never ask for extra cheese on your pasta; it is considered an insult to the chef, as though you don’t like his food.

So, don’t forget to pack your nordic spirit nicotine pouches to help you relax after your meal. And try and find out the rules in advance for eating out, so as not to embarrass yourself!

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