Redecorating a Restaurant or Pub

Heading out to a restaurant for a meal, or to a pub for a nice drink at the end of the day, can be a relaxing way of spending some time; especially when it’s a social occasion with friends and family. Due to the hospitable nature of these businesses, it’s important to get the decor just right so that the ideal catchment of the clientele can be attracted to the premises. Continue reading this article for some advice on how to redecorate your pub or restaurant.


The walls of a business are often one of the aspects that stands out the most to customers, so getting the decoration perfect is important. Going for a nice wallpaper in a pub from sites such as can be an ideal way of adding some interesting patterns or eye-catching colours to the customer-facing areas, with wallpapers also being easy to put up and available in paper’s that are simple to wipe down should any food or drink get on them. Wallpapers can also be a good fit for a restaurant, with different styles being available depending on the kind of customers the business is aiming to attract and what atmosphere is desired. Walls can also be decorated with paintings and other wall decorations, adding some additional features into the space that can catch the eye of customers and create talking points for guests.


Typically a restaurant type business would avoid having fully carpeted flooring, as carpets are more difficult to clean and maintain when compared to hardwoods or laminates. When it comes to food and drink, having suitable flooring becomes extra important as spillages are always a possibility. Pubs however often seek the more traditional and cosy atmosphere that carpets can provide, which is why they’ll be seen in many pubs up and down the country. Whatever option is taken, getting the colours to match the rest of the interior decoration is important. If solid flooring is chosen, consider investing in some rugs if you’re hoping to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Rugs, like carpets, add the texture and colours to a room whilst also being more easily replaced at a lower cost – and should any spillages happen, a rug can be picked up and washed.

Getting the decoration right in a restaurant or pub is really worth the investment, as a more appealing venue is likely to attract an increase in customers who can then through word of mouth promote your business to others. Choose the right furnishings for the space and ensure the decoration doesn’t just get across your brand image but allows customers to feel welcome.

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