Trending types of restaurants

There are some types of restaurats that are popular now and that are on the horizon in terms of popularity that are less than conventional. Some of these types of restaurants include:

  • Pop Up restaurants; this type of restaurant is when a chef or restauranteur picks a location, could be an open air concept, ruins or a secret courtyard. The idea is that the restaurant is not permanent but is around for a fixed and pre-determined amount of time. Often, these pop ups are collaborations between brilliant minds in the industry.
  • Food trucks; there are endless types, styles and genres of food trucks. Some are fries or chip stands, others are fusion or trendy concepts. There are everything from popsicle food trucks to pancake food trucks as well as everything in between. This is a popular way to eat in cities around the world. THere are even food truck festivals.
  • Fusion restaurants; combining two cultural taste palettes can create unique and fun dishes. Unlikely combos such as thai and mexican, american and japanese, there are no real boundaries.
  • Speakeasy; a speakeasy is not a new concept but is regaining popularity. Some speakeasies are secret or hidden, some even require passwords to get in.

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