Foreign Restaurants

There are many different types of culturally infused and inspired restaurants and establishments. Some of the most popular types of foreign restaurants include:

    • Mexican; from authentic to tex-mex, there are mexican restaurants that offer a trip to Mexico with just one foot in the door. Margaritas, tacos, and more tacos. There are lots of different Mexican restaurants in different countries and regions.
    • Sushi/Japanese; Sushi is a popular type of food among different cultures beyond just Japanese. There are all you can eat style sushi restaurants as well as a la carte and other sushi and japanese influenced restaurants.

  • Greek; Greek foodis another popular type of food across the world. There are all kinds of sit down greek restaurants as well as take out Greek food and establishments as well.
  • Chinese food; from buffets to sit down style restaurants, there is authentic Chinese food as well as restaurants that are chinese inspired restaurants that are more westernized.
  • Thai food; Thai food includes everything from Pad Thai to authentic soups and Pho dishes. There are a wide variety of Thai restaurants from formal to extremely casual restaurants with authentic and westernized thai food.

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