Preserving historic food and fare

Many restaurants in the UK and across Europe have been around for a long time and pride themsleves on historic charm and providing insight into the region’s history and culture. The menus reflect what traditional local food looked and tasted like. Tourists enjoy the insight into the culture and locals enjoy the comfort that this locality offers.

Some other restaurants, are newer but opened to provide a peep into the past. Take medieval restuarants for example, that exist all over the world and aim to give patrons a trip into the past not just with food but with the whole experience. Some of these restaurants do a good job, others miss the mark with their historical references and recreations.

Some restaurants are modern and aim to add a modern day twist to traditional flare. This may involve a new concept in an old, historically rich building or may involve creating a menu with influence and inspiration drawn from long ago but with modern twists and takes. There are lots of restaurants that have taken on a hybrid approach.

Overall, there are some great restaurants if you are looking for a trip into the past in almost every region in the UK and in Europe./

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