History of Fine Dining

As far as the history of restaurants and dining goes, it was actually the French culture that invented and created the concept of fine dining as we know and love it today. It wasn’t as a result of a King or royalty making demands or wanting to eat like.. well Kings. It was in fact well after Louis XVI and the entire French Revolution that fine dining was created and became popular in France and all over the world.

Individuals who were once employed by various royal and high power households starte opening their own restaurants and establishments to serve the larger, general population. Their refined and polished skill sets and culinary ability made them a unique asset and attraction as they were used to serving the best of the best.

From white napkins to fine details and sophisticated menus, oeople came from far and wide to enjoy this type of food and overall dining experience. The prices were what we know as prix fixe menus. This type of dining experience spread from France to other European and countries, first in Great Britain and then all the way over the United States.

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