Eating out of a volcano?

El Diablo is a restaurant unlike any other. The term ‘El Diablo’ translates directly to ‘the devil’ and this name is not because of any negative reviews or with any other negatve connotation but rather has simply to do with the heat. The food at this restaurant is cooked over the heat over an active volcano.

To provide some back story, prior to a full service restaurant being opened, there was some limited food items served to visitors of the volcano. The restaurant that exists today offers diner a full three course meal.

The three course menu includes dishes and food that are authentically Spanish but that are cooked to perfection over the heat of the volcano, merging food with nature.

People come for the food and experience but stay for the scenery and overall experiecne. There is lots of interesting history and stories behind these isolated and somewhat desolate mountains of fire.

In case you were wondering, all staff at the restaurant are well trained to be able to work in and around a volcano and all of the dangers that may be associated with this.

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