Grooming Your Pub or Restaurant

The modern business world is all about making an impression. Nowadays, there are so many similar businesses competing for the same clientele that you have to have something extremely unique to stand out. The same trend is replicated in all industries- the hospitality sector no less.

As a result, you will need to brand your pub or business meticulously to cut yourself a niche. To understand how to go about that, you will need to consider three aspects.

Food/Product Quality

Whatever you serve must be top quality. You have to serve drinks that will have patrons talking or food that will make them lick their fingers. This way, you can be sure that they will make a repeat visit. Moreover, loyal customers are a great advertising tool that brings in new customers by word of mouth referrals.

Customer Service

The importance of customer service cannot be over-emphasized. There is a popular saying that people may forget a lot of things that you do to them, but they never forget how you made them feel. Good attendants make customers keep coming back if for nothing else, for the humane and respectful treatment.

General Appearance

How your facility looks- from the buildings to the staff dressing- has a huge effect on customers. This is especially so with new or potential customers who are looking to find a new favourite pub or restaurant. The first impression bears a lot of weight on the potential patron’s decision to leave or stay.

It is, however, surprising how many pub and restaurant owners give this aspect of marketing a cold shoulder. Most proprietors are aware of a good design and meticulous grooming when setting up a business. Once they have created a loyal patronage, however, they forget all about it.

Do not be surprised to find a pub or restaurant with a fine reputation with worn out seat cushions or stained tables. If you are a business owner, do not allow yourself to fall into this comfort zone.

Keeping Your Premises Well Groomed

  • Cover Your Seats

Decorative covers can change the appearance of your pub or restaurant and give it a complete facelift. Working with a creative supplier like the ikea sofa covers shop will ensure you get unique and high-quality designs. This is a double win, your furniture gets a new look, and you save on the cost of acquiring new ones.

  • Repaint Old or Faded Areas

The first sight of your pub is its outside, yet it is the easiest to forget. The once attractive colours become dull with time, and some parts start flaking. Always be timely with renovations.

  • Groom Your Service

Make sure your waiters/waitresses and bartenders always appear presentable. Even if you choose to move away from the traditional uniforms, ensure your creativity does not negate decency. It is also wise to have several sets of service uniforms to avoid monotony. On top of that, do not let your service uniform wear out before it is replaced.

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