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Spookiest Restaurants

Eternity Restaurant within a Coffin The restaurant, from the outside, literally appears to be an oversized coffin in the middle of a parking lot. It m

Grooming Your Pub or Restaurant

The modern business world is all about making an impression. Nowadays, there are so many similar businesses competing for the same clientele that you have to


Ithaa is the first and only restaurant in the world that is totally under water. It is small and cozy, with dimensions that measure only 5

Foreign Restaurants

There are many different types of culturally infused and inspired restaurants and establishments. Some of the most popular types of foreign restaurant

Fine dining restaurants

Fine dining is often, in our minds, reserved for special occasions, dinner with colleagues, occasions or reserved for the middle and upper class. Here

Restaurant vs. Bistro

Restaurant vs. Bistro; are they the same thing? Though the two are often grouped together as they are both establishments that are known for serving f

Dinner in the Sky

Have you ever imagined being able to fly, to see what it's like to look down at the world below you? Dinner in the Sky is

Eating out of a volcano?

El Diablo is a restaurant unlike any other. The term 'El Diablo' translates directly to 'the devil' and this name is not because of any negative

Restaurant in Ancient times

Restaurants are by no stretch of the imagination a new or modern concept, selling and serving food for money and to earn a profit is an

History of Fine Dining

As far as the history of restaurants and dining goes, it was actually the French culture that invented and created the concept of fine dining as